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Whoa, penguin! See Zookeepers strike epic 'Jurassic World' poses

Chris Pratt's velociraptor-calming exploits have inspired zookeepers to replicate his dramatic scene with the not-so-ferocious beasts in their care.

Chris Pratt with raptors
Keep cool, my babies. Chris Pratt tames some bitey dinos. Universal/Amblin/Legendary

" Jurassic World" made quite an impression on the global box office, sucking over $500 million in grand-opening earnings into its pointy-toothed maw. It also made quite an impression on zookeepers worldwide.

Leading man Chris Pratt's character, Owen Grady, has a special knack for convincing vicious, deadly velociraptors to chill out. His dino-tamer scene in the film resonates with zoo workers who have to face the challenges of dealing with adorable wild animals like otters, wallabies and dolphins.

A still from the film shows Pratt with his back to the camera and his arms outstretched while three velociraptors stand in front of him, their pointy jaws and claws at the ready. Zookeepers, complete with Grady-like cosplay vests, are re-creating this scene with their animal wards and sharing the results on Twitter and Instagram with the #JurassicZoo hashtag.

The images take a harrowing film scene and turn it into a comedy fiesta. Zoo workers fend off non-threatening critters like penguins, manatees, African land snails and tree sloths. Regular people are also getting in on the action, taming motorcycles, cows and stuffed animals.

Some of the photos do manage to hint at a mild sense of danger. There's a zookeeper handling rhinos and another facing off against some rather large (but mellow) walruses.

The "Jurassic World" velociraptors have curved razor-sharp claws, weigh 300 pounds each and are dedicated carnivores. No doubt all these cosplaying zookeepers are just happy their tortoises and alpacas don't want to eat them.

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