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Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Scuba diver Ronald Raasch captured this incredible squid egg ball on video.

Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I would like to humbly suggest that you haven't really lived until you've watched this video of a massive gelatinous squid egg ball spotted underwater in the Ørstafjorden fjord in Norway on Oct. 5.

The Research Expedition Vessel Ocean team brought the wild sight to our attention. While it looks like an alien has invaded the water, what we're seeing is a huge egg mass generated by a squid. The gel sac protects the eggs inside.

Diver Ronald Raasch filmed the squid-kids. Another diver shined a light on the ball. The egg mass looks big enough to swallow several people. REV Ocean captain Nils Baadnes took part in the dive.

The gooey formation is a rare sight. National Geographic shared a look at a similar mass found off the coast of Turkey in 2015. "These egg masses are rarely seen, as they're deep underwater and last for only a few days before the squid babies hatch and the mass disintegrates," National Geographic said in the video description.

Underwater explorers have gifted us with some incredible cephalopod footage in recent years, ranging from the adorable (like this dumbo octopus) to the eerie (this elusive giant squid). We can now add a gloriously blobby egg ball to our growing list of wonders from the deep. 

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