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World's oldest living cat still qualifies as a Millennial

Age is just a number to an ancient Siamese that's still going strong and waking his human friend up way too early every morning.

Scooter the cat still has a lust for life.
Guinness World Records

Scooter is a Millennial, a member of a generation sometimes called out for being lazy, self-absorbed and entitled. If Scooter exhibits any of that behavior, it's not his fault. He's a cat. It's what cats do. Scooter just claimed the Guinness World Records crown for the world's oldest living cat.

Scooter, a Siamese, resides in Texas with his person Gail Floyd, who has lived with him since he was born in 1986. He's now 30 and still talks, jumps and wakes Floyd up early every morning. He's also extremely well-traveled, having visited 45 states during his lifetime.

The oldster may have racked up an impressive number of years, but he has some work ahead to catch the legendary Crème Puff, another Texas cat that lived to be 38 years old.

Scooter is in good company. Other age-defying animals include this 184-year-old tortoise and Wisdom the albatross, the world's oldest known wild bird.