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When deadly animals attack...in slow motion

Feel the fear with a video collection of animal attacks presented in startling slo-mo by BBC Earth.

Teeth. Tongues. Venom. Mandibles. Snap. Bite. Chomp. Your nightmares are about to be fed with a fantastic video compilation showing slow-motion animal attacks from a variety of fauna.

BBC Earth published the compilation Thursday, complete with music that sounds like it should accompany a tense moment in a sci-fi film. BBC Earth is a show focused on the wonders of the natural world, even when those wonders involve a snapping turtle utterly destroying a defenseless celery stick.

BBC Earth describes the video as "some of our favorite animals attacking in slow motion," which sounds deceptively casual. On display are some wondrous shows of stealth and force as though an enraged Mother Nature has unleashed her army of killing machines.

Snapping turtle
Nope. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

These "deadly animals" aren't necessarily deadly to humans, but they do sign the death warrants for their prey, which range from insects to water balloons. The star of the show is probably the snapping turtle, which does its thing in front of a stark white background, all the better to show off its powerful beak. You'll want to count your fingers after watching it.

If you're a fan of online comic The Oatmeal, then you'll remember the cartoon that made a star out of the mantis shrimp. There's a mantis shrimp "punch" in the BBC Earth video. It may not be as showy as an owl flying down on a hapless critter, but it's just as effective when it comes to hunting dinner.

Whether you like to be squicked out by sticky tongues or pointy talons, BBC Earth has you covered. For the full experience, you might want to dim the lights, put it on full screen and prepare to be impressed.