Week in pictures: More Xbox, 'King Kong' rocks

roundup Xbox 360 lands in Japan--and in Nissan's design plan. Also: King Kong gets game and humanoid robot gets handy.

CNET News staff
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Xbox 360 lands in Japan--and in Nissan's design plan. Also: King Kong gets game and humanoid robot gets handy.

Xbox 360 lands in Japan

Xbox 360 hits Japan

Microsoft brings its next-generation game console to the home turf of rivals Sony and Nintendo. December 14, 2005

Urge to play

Play Xbox while you drive?

Nissan's plans for its Urge Concept sports car include a built-in Xbox gaming system. December 14, 2005


A beast of a game

The Ubisoft game "King Kong" shares the roars with Peter Jackson's film interpretation. December 14, 2005


Asimo learns new tricks

Honda's humanoid robot is faster than ever and ready to help out around the office. December 13, 2005

Another jab from JibJab

A JibJab look at Bush's '2-0-5'

The Spiridellis brothers' latest satire takes a look back at a trying year for George Bush. December 15, 2005

3D view of the sun

NASA focuses on 3D view of the sun

Two nearly identical robotic spacecraft are being developed to capture 3D images of the sun and solar wind. December 13, 2005

Hot stuff

RIP, iPod Mini? No way, fans say

Apple may have killed it off, but some consumers are still carrying a torch for last year's hot ticket. December 12, 2005

A chair with video game vibe

A vibrating chair for gamers

A vibrating chair for game players, the Pyramat PM220 bumps and grinds to the on-screen action from just about any game console. December 15, 2005

Padlocking IE

Screenshots: Padlocking IE 7

Microsoft's next Web browser update aims to make it easier to see the security certification for a site. December 12, 2005

Behind the poker game

In search of clues on 'Last Call Poker'

Behind the poker game is a saga of violence and greed told through video, text, audio and "Tombstone Hold 'Em" tournaments. December 15, 2005

Sony's R1

Sony's R1 camera

The Cyber-shot DSC-R1 has a nimble view screen and can take 10.3-megapixel images. December 12, 2005

Garage where it all began

HP's original garage

The tech giant celebrates the completed restoration of the Palo Alto garage where it all began in 1939. December 10, 2005


Britain's refinery inferno

Tech companies recover as fires burn at the Buncefield Oil Terminal, northwest of London, following an explosion there on Sunday. December 12, 2005