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Week in pictures: Hard drive down memory lane

roundup A look at the incredible, shrinking hard drive. Also: TV on the go, spy gear, cars and tunes, and geek chic.

A look at the incredible, shrinking hard drive. Also: TV on the go, spy gear, cars and tunes, and geek chic.

The disks that hold your data have been shrinking for 50 years. Here's a look at some milestones. January 26, 2006

Major phone makers are all producing mobile TV handsets, including these early versions. January 27, 2006

A pattern-matching technology promises to make it easier to pinpoint people's movements in video surveillance footage. January 25, 2006

Clearwell Systems' e-mail "intelligence" tool helps companies respond quickly to requests for e-mail records. January 26, 2006

Russian television shows a video of an alleged British spy planting communications gear in a fake rock. January 24, 2006

A close look at test products made using Intel's 45-nanometer manufacturing technique. January 25, 2006

Recent car auctions feature unique and nearly one-of-a-kind cars, some with "futuristic" gadgets. January 24, 2006

Toyota and Fiat are among many automakers bowing to consumer demand for an easy way to listen to digital music in the car. January 23, 2006

The "Seamless" fashion show features a dress made from recycled cassette tapes, among other technology-based garb. January 27, 2006

Ousted "Project Runway" contestant Diana Eng favors fashion that's influenced by science and technology. January 24, 2006

More than one observer has said that Pixar seems to be working the kind of revolutionary magic Disney once did. January 24, 2006

New high-end version of Acrobat displays three-dimensional images within PDF documents January 23, 2006

Between panel discussions and online offerings, technology is in the spotlight at the Sundance Film Festival. January 24, 2006

No, the solar powered golf bag doesn't carry itself, but it will charge your phone, your iPod and your BlackBerry. January 26, 2006