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Watch two planes almost collide on runway

A Russian pilot has to abort landing as an Argentinian plane wanders across the runway at Barcelona airport. How can this happen?

Whose fault? RT/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Every time I see footage involving a plane, I wonder what it would be like being one of the passengers.

Here, then, is a Boeing 767 from Russian airline UTAir landing at Barcelona's El Prat airport.

Also in this footage is an Airbus A340 from Aerolineas Argentinas.

What seems to happen is that the latter plane wanders across the runway as the former plane is landing.

This causes the Russian pilot to abort landing and fly off. The 767 landed safely shortly afterwards.

It's currently unclear how close the planes got, but the footage suggests that passengers looking out of the window of either must have wondered what was going on.

The Telegraph quotes the original YouTube poster of the footage, Miguel Angel, as saying this was "one of the worst experiences I've ever had."

PBS aviation expert Miles O'Brien told CNN that, in his estimation, the actual distance between the two planes was "about a half mile."

"We're not exactly sure who made the mistakes, air traffic control or the crew on the ground or maybe both," he said.

He added, however: "The crew on the ground should have looked." It's also possible, he said, that the Argentinian plane should have crossed the runway a lot faster.

Whoever was ultimately to blame, I have a feeling there might have been some interesting conversations shortly after it happened.