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Watch this robot navigate with help from its very own drone

Here's what happens when a drone and a robot team up. Warning: The results aren't as terrifying as you might imagine.

In terms of technology, two things are becoming very clear. Drones are slowly and steadily taking over our skies. And we will soon all be bowing to our robot overlords.

Separately, those two facts have some people a little on edge (like this woman who caught a drone peeking in her window recently). But what's going to happen when these two technologies team up?

Well, it's not quite time to head to our bunkers and marshal our military just yet, according to a video released by Autonomous System Lab, a Swiss robotics developer. In the video, the company shows one way in which drone and bot can work together and it's anything but intimidating.

First, the hexacopter drone flies out over the territory in the test room, mapping it in several dimensions. The information the drone gathers is then beamed back to a dog-like robot that uses the terrain data to calculate an efficient path to an end goal. The bot then walks -- kind of slowly and shakily -- along that path to complete its task. Helping it along is a laser range sensor system that allows it to make adjustments on the fly to avoid obstacles that are introduced after the drone has done its mapping.

Of course, this is just a small scale early-stage example of drone and robot cooperation. It certainly doesn't seem too far fetched that robotic soldiers could someday employ drone scouts to help them defeat the enemy. Let's just hope that enemy isn't us.