Watch a gigantic, terrifying iceberg float toward a Greenland village

It only weighs 11 million tons. No big deal.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

It looks like something badly CGI'd into a disaster movie, but it's real: An 11 million ton iceberg is slowly moving toward a village, threatening to destroy everything in its path.

Just look at this thing.

A massive section of the iceberg falls off at around 30 seconds into the video, which gives you a sense of the scale here. If the iceberg becomes destabilised, and a larger chunk breaks off, it could create a tsunami, which could potentially destroy the town of Innaarsuit. This sped-up GIF does a good job of illustrating the iceberg's movement.

Thirty-three people have already been removed from Innaarsuit, according to the Washington Post, but 169 residents remain. The situation is precarious: Icebergs like this tend to break apart, which would be disastrous for Innaarsuit. The best possible scenario: A kind wind dislodges the iceberg from its current spot and it floats away from the village.

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