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Watch chimp smack drone out of air with tree branch

When you're a camera-shy chimp and your overlords want to film you with a drone, there's really only one course of action. Swat it out of the sky!

You know what chimpanzees don't like? Getting filmed by a drone without their permission, that's what.

Well, that's the assumption you could make based on the video above recently posted by Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands. The zoo was using a drone outfitted with a GoPro camera to make a video of a group of chimps. All seems to be proceeding smoothly until the drone swoops in for a closer look and encounters the business end of a branch being wielded by one camera-shy primate who seemed to be waiting for it to get close enough to swat.

Interestingly, the drone was destroyed, according to the zoo's comments beneath the video, but the GoPro survived. So in addition to being able to watch the swat, you also get to see one of the chimps investigating the downed craft. Is that a look of satisfaction I see?

Hopefully celebrities won't pay too much attention to this story or else camera-swatting chimps may start appearing on red carpets everywhere.

(Via Metro)