Virgin Galactic will let you hold a spot in line for space flight tickets for $1,000

The refundable deposit will give you an advantage when tickets become available again.

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Richard Branson stands with Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo.

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For a $1,000 deposit, would-be astronauts interested in nabbing a seat on a future Virgin Galactic spaceflight can plant their flag at the front of the ticket line. 

This deposit is part of the company's new One Small Step program, Virgin Galactic said Tuesday. 

The refundable deposit doesn't guarantee a seat, but lets people essentially be first in line when a new batch of tickets becomes available. If someone decides to go through with the process of actually reserving a seat, the deposit will go toward the price of the ticket. 

"By introducing One Small Step, we can efficiently identify those people we should be talking to, when reservations become available," Virgin Galactic said in its FAQ page for the program, "It also means that those who are serious about flying can rest assured that they will be contacted immediately when that happens."

While there's not a final price tag on tickets, the FAQ also said it will cost more than the initial $250,000 offered. 

Virgin Galactic closed ticket sales in December 2018. One Small Step is available Wednesday.

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