Unitree A1 looks like Boston Dynamics' Spot robot but costs less than $10K

Unitree's newest quadruped robot is agile, fast and the most affordable one we've seen to date.

The kennel that's the market for computerized canines just got more crowded. China-based Unitree Robitics introduced its newest quadruped robot, the A1. Priced at under $10,000, it's significantly cheaper than its more advanced older sibling, the Laikago.

If you've never heard of Unitree but the pups still look familiar, they may remind you of Spot from Boston Dynamics.


The Unitree A1 robot (black) next to Spot from Boston Dynamics (yellow).


In an interview the company told me that thanks to its agility, the A1 can adapt to a variety of terrains, such as stairs, slopes and gravel roads. Watch the video to see just a few of this dog's tricks.