U.K.'s space agency ready for lift-off

Group, which will coordinate U.K. involvement in civilian spaceflight, is designed to spur growth in Britain's space and satellite industry.

Tom Espiner Special to CNET News

The U.K. has launched a national space agency dedicated to coordinating its involvement in civilian spaceflight, with responsibility for overseeing policy and budgets.

The agency, which officially begins work April 1, will negotiate on the U.K.'s behalf with international bodies. In addition, it will take over responsibility for some key U.K. and European space projects, including Galileo, the U.K. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said in a statement Tuesday.

The U.K. Space Agency has been set up to help spur growth in the British space and satellite industry, which employs 68,000 workers and generates 6.5 billion pounds ($9.8 billion) a year, according to the science and technology ministry.

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