Try to spot the human-made object hiding in this NASA ISS photo

An astronaut's scenic view from the space station is more than meets the eye.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei challenged his social media followers to find the human-made object in this photo snapped from the ISS.

Mark Vande Hei/NASA

Most of us will never get on a spacecraft, blast off this rock and spend time in orbit gazing down at the astounding views of Earth below. So we turn to astronauts like NASA's Mark Vande Hei to share that experience through images. Sometimes the experience involves a little bit of hide and seek. 

Vande Hei is currently up on the International Space Station. He used his vantage point to offer us Earth-dwellers a visual challenge this week. "Can you find the human-made object in this photo?" Vande Hei tweeted.

The image shows a wide expanse of blue with fluffy clouds floating along the edge. It looks quiet and peaceful, as if no humans are anywhere near. But they are there. 

Spotting the object may be tricky on a small screen, but blow up the image and sweep your eyes across it to find the answer. Still looking? Here's a hint: It's something that floats. If you're still on the hunt, then go check out the comments on Vande Hei's tweet where keen-eyed viewers have shared the solution. 

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