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Time travelers might be invited to Stephen Hawking's funeral

Whether it's intentional or a computer glitch, time lords can now RSVP to Hawking's June memorial service.

Only a science icon like Stephen Hawking, who once threw a party for time travelers, would figure out a way to invite them to his funeral. 

For a cocktail party in 2009, he tested the theory that time travelers existed by only inviting the guests after the party ended. 

Now it seems time travelers are invited to Hawking's memorial service, which takes place on June 15 at Westminster Abbey in London, where his ashes will be placed next to Isaac Newton's resting place. 

Those who wish to attend the service can sign up for the special event via a public ballot put out by The Stephen Hawking Foundation. Only 1,000 will be selected to be invited. 

The funny thing is, in order to attend, you're required to add personal information to the form, including your birthdate. Oddly, birthdates from over 20 years into the future are included. 

This is either another one of Hawking's clever time traveler experiments, or just a computer error called the Year 2038 problem, which was similar to the Y2K scare in the year 2000.

It's comforting to know that even after Hawking passed away in March, he still makes us think about the possibilities of defying time.