Tigers want your perfume to help them get frisky

Calvin Klein is a big-cat favorite.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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A snow leopard yawns at the Banham Zoo. 

Banham Zoo

Eternity. Obsession. CK One. Euphoria. If you have a half-empty bottle of a Calvin Klein fragrance sitting around, the Banham Zoo in the UK would like first dibs. 

The zoo put out a call this week for "purrrfume." It normally keeps a stash of fragrances around for enrichment programs for its big cats, which include tigers, cheetahs, ocelots and leopards. But supplies are running low. 

"For several years now, zookeepers all over the world have been aware that scent can play an important part in their enrichment programs, providing animals with opportunities to express natural behaviors," the zoo said in its public request.

In case you're wondering what these aromas do for the cats, Banham Zoo posted a video showing the kitties getting frisky in response to the scents.

Banham Zoo will accept any perfumes and colognes, but Calvin Klein fragrances are especially welcome. "For some reason Calvin Klein perfume is a huge hit with all big cats but in all honesty any perfumes work well and we do like to offer them a variety of different smells," said animal manager Mike Woolham.

Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men seems to be a big-cat favorite, as The Brookfield Zoo in Illinois discovered back in 2010.

Banham Zoo is accepting donations in person or through the mail. Perhaps Calvin Klein could develop a perfume especially for cats. The names write themselves: Caternity, Meowbsession, Eupurria. 

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