Thumbs-up: Bill Nye explains climate change with emoji

Can a complicated issue like climate change be explained using nothing but emoji? Bill Nye thinks so.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico

When it comes to understanding climate change, do you find yourself going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ? A video from the GE Emoji Science Lab posted on Mashable's Watercoolor YouTube channel Tuesday features noted science guy Bill Nye explaining the complex science behind climate change using emoji.

The video is Nye's third in GE's Emoji Science campaign. He's previously used the symbols to explain "-style="" holograms"="" shortcode="link" asset-type="article" uuid="1e26e5c3-6c75-4b4d-a330-e18ef43a4b44" slug="bill-nye-science-guy-explains-star-wars-holograms-using-emoji" link-text="" section="news" title="Thumbs-up: Bill Nye explains 'Star Wars' holograms using emoji" edition="us" data-key="link_bulk_key" api="{"id":"3f18f97d-208c-404a-af9e-3800abaeebd8","slug":"wink-wink-bill-nye-uses-emojis-to-explain-evolution","contentType":null,"edition":"us","topic":{"slug":"culture"},"metaData":{"typeTitle":null,"hubTopicPathString":"Culture","reviewType":null},"section":"news"}"> and the theory of evolution.

In this week's clip, Nye explains how the world has changed pretty drastically in the past few centuries, and uses emoji to help tell the story. For instance, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is radically increasing, something Nye shows on a graph of emoji that go from a "meh" face to shock and anger as our impact on carbon dioxide levels takes them to over 400 parts per million in just 260 years.

But we can still do something about that, Nye argues, and you can hear his solutions for combating climate change in the video above. You might even learn a thing or two about how to use emoji properly, and that could help you better communicate with all those millennials out there.