This crazy DIY contraption shoots rainbow-colored flames

The Backyard Scientist is at it again, this time shooting pillars of six flames of various shades into the air.

When I was young, the most pyrotechnic thing I was allowed to play with were some sparklers. But kids these days with all of their science and their thinking...well, they can get into some pretty crazy stuff.

Take, for instance, the YouTube user who calls himself The Backyard Scientist. Previously, he's dumped molten metal into a lava lamp and dropped flaming thermite into a tub of water. Now he's figured out how to create a fiery wonder that shoots six different colored sets of flaming liquid into the air.

While we don't necessarily recommend that you do the same, if you have even a passing interest in chemistry, we do suggest taking a look at the above video, posted Monday. Before the flame-shooting contraption is created, The Backyard Scientist walks you through the way in which different household chemicals can be combined with some methanol to make flames of different colors.

Salt, for instance, can be used to make a yellow flame, while roach killer produces a bright green jet.

After the host walks you through how all of the chemical compounds change the color of fire, he moves into the instructions for making what he calls a flamethrower. "Now that we've got all these cool colored flames, I thought it would be a good idea to make a flamethrower out of them," he says. Naturally.

As more of a science-curious guy, I was happy to let The Backyard Scientist do all the work in making the device so that I could just sit back (safely) and watch the results. If you're committed to following his instructions though and building the thing yourself, just remember that he does get some flaming liquid in his hair at the end. Enough said.