The Week in Pictures: Hacked humans and modded cars

From cartoons without any pictures to street-legal bumper cars, to bioengineered veins, these are a few of the best tech photos of the week.

James Martin Managing Editor, Photography
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James Martin

From comics without pictures to bioengineered veins, it was again a week during which we saw some very futuristic technologies come to life.

A design student in Germany created a graphic novel for the sight-impaired that tells a simple story through touch. "Life" is a simple tale told using only circles of varying textures to describe a single life cycle.

The first-ever bioengineered vein was recently implanted into the arm of a 62-year-old Virginia man with kidney disease. Cultivated from donated human cells on tubular framing to form a vessel-like shape, the replacement part performed better in preclinical testing than other synthetic and animal-based implants had. Meanwhile, a 1984 Dodge Colt transformed to look like a giant amusement park-style bumper car ticked down its final auction hours on eBay.

Plus, "The Simpsons" hometown of Springfield has been replicated in the real world, and Boeing is getting ready to launch a newer, more efficient Dreamliner.

Some of the week's highlights are incredible, and some are a bit strange -- but they all look to a future where big thinkers thrive.

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