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The science of Doomsday

2012 is drawing to a close. Is it the end of days?

(SN 1987A HST image by ESA/Hubble & NASA, CC BY 3.0)

The year 2012 is drawing to a close. Is it the end of days?

The linear Mesoamerican Long Count calendar draws to an end this year, leading to speculation that we're about to see the end of the world as we know it — although whether that means the world will explode, collide with the planet Nibiru or simply undergo a spiritual transformation is contested among the Doomsday theorists.

The end of the world, however, has been predicted many times in the past; yet here we remain. So the short answer is: no. This is not the end of days.

For those who like a little more science backing up why the world is not going to end in the next six weeks, below is NASA scientist Dr David Morrison to explain in a little more (scientific) detail why the whole thing is a load of hokum.