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Text messages delivered right to your contact lenses

Google Glass? Pffft. We want our HUDs delivered directly to our corneas.

(Blue Eye image by Rob Unreall, CC BY-SA 2.0; CBSi)

Google Glass? Pffft. We want our HUDs delivered directly to our corneas.

In a move that seems to be bringing us closer and closer to the inevitable cyborg-dom, researchers at Gent University's Centre of Microsystems Technology (CMST) have created a curved LCD that can be embedded in contact lenses.

Unlike other contact lens displays that use light-emitting diodes (LED) and can only display a small number of pixels, Gent University's liquid crystal technology makes use of the entire surface of the contact lens, allowing for a clear image or word to be displayed — or, as the university suggested, the lenses could act as adaptable sunglasses. At the moment, it can only display simple symbols — such as the dollar sign seen in the video below — but the researchers are hoping to develop "fully autonomous electronic contact lenses" that could control light transmission to a damaged eye or operate as a full HUD.

Chief researcher Jelle De Smet told The Telegraph:

This is not science fiction. This will never replace the cinema screen for films. But for specific applications, it may be interesting to show images, such as road directions or projecting text messages from our smartphones straight to our eye.

Until you could actually send text messages from the lens, though, you'd still have to get out your phone. But maps? Maps would be really useful.

Via www.telegraph.co.uk