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This super bowel ad will show you surgery happening live

Cancer Research UK will show a colonoscopy live to highlight the simple ways you can look for and prevent cancer.

This giant inflatable bowel isn't really connected to the story, but you try finding a nice photo of bowel surgery.
Joern Pollex/Getty Images

You've heard of Super Bowl ads -- this is a super bowel ad. British charity Cancer Research UK is preparing to show a live TV advert of a colonoscopy procedure to highlight the simple ways you can look out for and prevent cancer.

Doctor Sunil Dolwani will talk viewers through the procedure, broadcast live in a commercial break, as the surgical team removes polyps from the bowels of patient Philip McSparron at Cardiff and Vale University hospital. Polyps are fairly common and can sometimes develop into cancer, but home screening can spot them and they can be removed in this relatively simple operation.

The 90-second advert will be live on Channel 4 at around 3.25pm this Wednesday, 18 January, during "A Place In The Sun". It'll then be repeated during cop show "No Offence" around 9.30pm. A cancer nurse will also answer viewers' questions on Facebook.

Find out more or donate to Cancer Research UK here, or visit the American Association for Cancer Research.

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