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Star Wars star gets a little excited about namesake gibbon

Newly discovered primate earns "Skywalker" name for the way it soars through trees -- and because the scientists were Star Wars fans.

So, scientists have discovered a previously unknown species of primate living in southwest China, and being Star Wars fans, they've named it the Skywalker hoolock gibbon.

You may think that's pretty cool, but you probably aren't nearly as excited about it as Mark Hamill, who famously played Luke Skywalker in the film series, and who shared his delight on social media, along with fans.

An article describing the gibbon was published Tuesday in the American Journal of Primatology. Only 200 of these animals are believed to exist in the wild.

The word Skywalker in the name isn't just a reference to the movie Jedi but comes from a Chinese word that can also be translated as "heaven's movement," and refers to the "unique locomotory mode of gibbons," who swing and leap through trees and are among the fastest tree-dwelling mammals.

But don't tell that to Hamill.

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