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Star Trek's Robert Picardo belts out Cassini farewell song

Actor Robert Picardo channels his inner opera singer in a fond goodbye to NASA's Cassini spacecraft as it nears the end of its Saturn mission.

It's been years since Robert Picardo played the Emergency Medical Hologram on "Star Trek: Voyager," but he hasn't lost touch with his affinity for space adventures. Picardo warmed up his pipes and tackled a comedic farewell song for NASA's Saturn-studying Cassini spacecraft. 

The Planetary Society, a nonprofit group focused on advancing space exploration and science, posted the video on Tuesday. It's set to the famous opera tune "La donna è mobile" from the Verdi work "Rigoletto." 

The song references the Huygens probe that landed on Titan, Cassini's spectacular knack for photography and its upcoming final dive to destruction. And linguine, of course. 

Cassini launched in 1997 and is scheduled to destroy itself in Saturn's atmosphere on Friday. Picardo's short and sweet farewell song is an enjoyably absurd tribute to an epic mission coming to a close.