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SpaceX supply run aborts ISS rendezvous

The Dragon capsule, loaded with food and equipment for the International Space Station crew, will have another go Thursday.

A SpaceX Falcon9 rocket blasts off Sunday 19 February from the Kennedy Space Center, bearing supplies for the ISS.
Red Huber/TNS/Getty Images

SpaceX has aborted a rendezvous with the International Space Station at the last minute. An unmanned supply ship was less than a mile from the ISS when a GPS error forced the decision to delay the docking until Thursday.

Elon Musk's private space travel company SpaceX has a contract to deliver food and equipment to the ISS. The latest run saw the Dragon vessel launched by a Falcon rocket from Florida on Sunday with 2,267 kilograms of supplies aboard.

Another supply ship is also due to arrive at the ISS on Friday. The Russian Progress 66 cargo ship launched today, marking the first successful launch since Progress 65 burned up in December while heading for orbit.