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Relive 20 Years of SpaceX's Greatest Hits With One Action-Packed Video

From Starships to rocket landings to a Tesla in space, SpaceX is celebrating its anniversary by looking back at two decades of accomplishments.

Starship is the future of SpaceX. 

SpaceX came into existence on March 14, 2002 and it's been busy since. The company released a rousing whirlwind retrospective video on Monday to mark its 20th anniversary. "Today we celebrate the founding of SpaceX and 20 years of accomplishments by this incredible team -- here's to creating a future that we can all get excited about," SpaceX tweeted.

The video is stacked with archival footage of rocket launches and landings and exuberant mission control celebrations. The highlight reel includes shots of the Dragon capsule in space, satellite deployments and Starship prototype tests. 

Of course, founder Elon Musk's personal Tesla makes an appearance. The company famously launched the red car into space using the Falcon Heavy rocket in 2018.

Tellingly, the video ends on a lingering shot of a Starship. The next-gen vehicle hasn't reached orbit yet, but it's designed to eventually carry humans to the moon and Mars and even around Earth as an alternative to flying on airplanes. Using Starship for the video finale makes it clear the next 20 years of the company could be defined by the development and use of the new spacecraft. 

In 20 more years, will SpaceX release a 40th birthday video with footage of humans on Mars? If Musk gets his way, it might.