Space Perspectives opens reservations for $125,000 balloon rides to space

Liftoffs won't begin until 2024, but the six-hour trip will feature reclining seats, bathroom access, a fully stocked bar and one hell of a view.

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The Spaceship Neptune features a balloon the size of a football field and room for eight passengers beneath it, plus a pilot. The six-hour flight takes passengers to altitudes as high as 100,000 feet.

Space Perspectives

A company called Space Perspectives is now accepting reservations for balloon rides to space, with liftoffs set to begin from Florida's Kennedy Space Center in 2024. 

Per WKMG in Orlando, tickets for the six-hour flights cost $125,000 per passenger, and amenities include reclining seats, an onboard bathroom and a fully stocked bar. Just be prepared to plunk down a refundable $1,000 deposit for a single seat, or $8,000 if you'd like to reserve a full, eight-seat craft.

The craft in which you'll be floating up into the stratosphere is the Spaceship Neptune, with a passenger capsule that offers a 360-degree panoramic view of your surroundings and non-glare windows for optimized photography. Each craft also comes complete with Wi-Fi, in case you want to spend the flight tweeting space selfies.

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The Spaceship Neptune craft rises more than twice as high as commercial airliners, and travels at that maximum altitude for 2 hours.

Space Perspectives

As for the balloon, it's roughly the size of a football field, Space Perspectives says, and capable of lifting passengers as high as 100,000 feet before gently bringing them back down to earth. And yep, there's a backup parachute capable of getting the craft down safely, too.

"Space Perspective ensures safety by applying flight technology used for decades by NASA and other government entities around the globe," the company website reads. "The team is a world class, hand-picked crew, who have been instrumental in all human spaceballoon flights for the last 50 years."

Trips will consist of about two hours in ascent, another two hours cruising at max altitude and yet another two hours in descent. Unmanned test flights are currently underway in Florida.

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