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Space out in these glow-in-the-dark galaxy undies

No need for a telescope when wearing these solar system skivvies. We promise not to make a rude comet about your asteroid.

Do these undies make my asteroid look big? MakeItGoodPDX

Night-sky gazing just got a little sexier with glow-in-the-dark space underwear for both men and women.

Etsy shop MakeItGoodPDX sells the solar system undies in bikini and trunk styles for women at $18 (about £12 or AU$23) and $24 (about £16 or AU$30). Trunks for men are priced at $28 (about £19 or AU$36).

"The solar system print was inspired by the scientific galactic retro glow-in-the-dark prints of our youth, and hand-drawn by artist Nate Crane," MakeItGoodPDX says on its Etsy page. "Planets, moons, galaxy, shooting stars, asteroids and swirling star clusters will catch eyes and imaginations."

The women's undies are made from a blend of black jersey knit, organic cotton and spandex. The men's underwear is made from bamboo and spandex. The solar system design is printed in glow-in-the-dark ink.

The shop also offers glow-in-the-dark solar system women's leggings for $60 (about £40 or AU$77).

The undies and leggings are handmade in Portland, Ore. The shop ships internationally, and perhaps one day, intergalactically.