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Snakes on a drain: Two pythons battle it out while dangling off a house

It's breeding season, which may mean it's never-leave-the-house season for the rest of us who have to share the planet with these guys.

This video may turn you off a lot of things. Like having a house. Or going outside your house. Or living on the planet.

The folks at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, an Australian "professional reptile relocation service," posted a video to their Facebook page on Sunday that would keep Indiana Jones out of Oz forever.

Apparently it's breeding season for carpet pythons, and these two males decided to show each other who's the slitheriest Romeo by fighting each other. But just snapping at each other while on the ground would be too easy. These two upped the difficulty ante by duking it out while hanging from a gutter on an Australian home's roof, all "Matrix"-style.

Max Jackson of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers told the Brisbane Times that fighting in mating season is normal, but this bout stood out.

"This is a particularly impressive one, they are using so much stretch using their tails to hang there," Jackson said. "Generally they fight on the ground, but I guess maybe they started on the roof and started falling off." He estimated the snakes weighed about 15 kilograms (33 pounds) each.

Homeowner Becky Beale came home in the middle of the bitter battle, the UK Telegraph reports, and watched the snakes fight until they fell to her second-story deck. Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?