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Surprise snake slithers out of a vacuum cleaner

A lost snake finds itself in a tight spot when it curls up with the brushes inside a vacuum cleaner.

Snakes are cute, even when they're hiding in a vacuum cleaner.

There are certain things you expect to find in the business end of a vacuum cleaner, like lint, pet hair, dust particles and dried leaves. Then there are things you don't expect to see, like a snake. A Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) animal collection officer discovered exactly that during a house call.

A UK couple from York discovered the bright orange snake peeking out of a cupboard. Not knowing if the snake was venomous, the alarmed couple contacted the RSPCA for assistance. It quickly slithered into the vacuum cleaner to hide.

ITV quotes RSPCA animal collection officer Lucy Green: "It was quite a surprise to flip the head of the vacuum cleaner over and see the snake's little orange head poking out." At least this was not as frightening as finding a massive snakeskin near a boat launch.

The snake turned out to be a 2-foot-long (61-centimeter) non-venomous corn snake. It most likely escaped from a nearby residence. The snake is now in the care of an exotic-animals specialist. If the owner doesn't come forward to claim the slithery fellow within a week, it will be adopted out to a new home.