Snake with drinking problem gets rescued from beer can

An Aussie venomous red-bellied black snake gets a little too curious about those last few drops of beer in an empty can.

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Bonnie Burton profile photo
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Bonnie Burton

Cans and snakes never mix well. In fact, do a search for the words "snake beer can" and you'll see many videos of unfortunate snakes panicking after getting their heads stuck inside beer cans.

Snakes coming out of hibernation are in search of food and often look inside discarded cans for leftovers. But because snakes have scales that only run in one direction, it actually prevents them from being able to back out of cans.

Luckily for the venomous red-bellied black snake in the Facebook post above, concerned citizens of Victoria, Australia, saw his predicament and called in professional reptile handlers Tania Dowsett and Craig Bergman to help the snake break free.

The brave duo warned that recent heavy rains have been bringing a lot of these kinds of snakes out of hibernation.

''The threat is pretty big this year as the rain has chased a lot of them out,'' Bergman told Australia's Riverine Herald on Saturday. ''Being aware that snakes may be around, and being informed about how to react to them, are the most important aspects of managing snakes.''

So do yourself and snakes everywhere a favor -- recycle your beer cans instead of littering the ground with them, or you could end up having to help save a curious snake.