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'Escape from New York' with Snake Plissken's countdown watch

Kurt Russell's character bet his life he could beat it, but now fans can support a Kickstarter campaign to make a smartwatch version of the retro timepiece.

Lifeclock One/Kickstarter

Sure, sci-fi fans all love "Blade Runner" and "Mad Max," but don't forget about Snake. In John Carpenter's iconic 1981 film "Escape from New York," Kurt Russell played Snake Plissken, the biggest badass hero ever to don an eyepatch.

As fans can never forget, in the film, New York's been turned into a lawless maximum-security prison, which causes a few unforeseen issues when Air Force One crashes there with the president inside.

Former Special Forces soldier-turned-convict Plissken is given 22 hours to rescue the president before injected explosives blow up his carotid arteries. The time clicks away very visibly thanks to his gigantic brass-and-leather-bound digital watch, and now you can mark less dramatic events with a smart version.

The licensed retro LED digital watch had been dubbed Lifeclock One, and you can read all about it on Jonathan Zufi's Kickstarter campaign page. Of course it features the all-important stopwatch, plus app and push notifications, multiple world clocks and step counting. It also lets you control your smartphone camera. Best of all, it looks pretty much exactly like the movie version. One day in, the project already has 116 backers and has earned more than $34,000 toward a goal of $200,000.

You may not need Snake's mission timer to count down your final hours, but it'll also work to tell you how much time you have to get the kid to Minecraft League, or the cat to his rabies shot. And the display is so huge, even Snake with his one eye should be able to tell time with it.