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See Idris Elba beam a sweet message to NASA's Victor Glover on the ISS

"You will be surprised to know this is my first time in space," the Marvel actor said.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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NASA astronaut Victor Glover works on the International Space Station.


Here's a feel-good space story. NASA's Victor Glover is a trailblazer, the first Black astronaut to stay long-term on the International Space Station. He arrived on a SpaceX Crew Dragon in November 2020 and has already taken two spacewalks. Oh, and he got a touching personal message from actor Idris Elba.

Glover is a massive fan of Elba, who's known for his appearances in the Marvel universe and his work on the long-running show Luther. The star appeared in a video sent to Glover up on the ISS. 

"You will be surprised to know this is my first time in space," said Elba. "But I have been to space in movies." Elba and Glover are in a mutual-admiration society. "Your story really inspired me because I'm a big dreamer as well," said Elba in praise of Glover.

The rest of the video stars Glover's family and friends sharing holiday wishes, but it also features a cameo appearance by famous Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield of Space Oddity fame.

Glover's father made the moment happen through the VidDay video-gift service. The astronaut received the message in late 2020, but it took a bit to get the microgravity reaction video back from space. Glover's mile-wide grin showed his appreciation.

VidDay CEO Rossel Sabourin worked with NASA to arrange the video delivery. Sabourin told CNET, "It was a magical moment and we're glad to have helped in making those connections."

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