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See a laptop get cut in half by an insanely powerful water jet

If you enjoy watching hydraulic presses crush things, you'll get a kick out of seeing what a 60,000 psi water jet can do.

The YouTube Cut in Half channel may not pull in the gaudy viewership numbers of the Hydraulic Press Channel, but it certainly has its charms. The star of the show is an Omax Abrasive Waterjet, a device that cuts through just about anything using the power of a 60,000 psi jet of water (compare that with pressure in a car tire, which is often somewhere around 35 psi). The thing's like a lightsaber, but made out of liquid. Even a laptop can't survive its mighty slicing strength.

Cut in Half posted a video on Monday showing what happens when the water jet slashes through a 2007-era Toshiba laptop, which is a pretty hulking machine compared with newer, sleeker computers. A time-lapse shows the device in action as it leaves a completely clean cut, exposing the laptop's interesting innards. Be sure to stick around for the loving close-up shots of the cleaved components. This is one laptop that won't ever be booting up again.

(Via Boing Boing)