Rousing NASA Perseverance rover mission trailer will get you hyped for Mars

"We persevere."

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Can you feel that? That vibration? That hum? That's the excitement building around the upcoming launch of NASA's Perseverance rover mission to Mars. NASA is feeding the enthusiasm for its newest robotic explorer with an inspirational promo video for the mission released on Tuesday.

Octavia Spencer, who played groundbreaking NASA mathematician Dorothy Vaughan in Hidden Figures, narrated the video. It hinges on the rover's name, Perseverance, and how that concept applies to NASA and humanity as a whole.

NASA has a knack for creating compelling videos to promote its missions. The agency tied its long history of space exploration into its latest move on Mars. 

Perseverance is scheduled to launch from Florida no sooner than July 30. NASA has pushed back the launch date several times. There is a limited window of opportunity to send the rover off this year in time to make its February 2021 rendezvous with the red planet. This video should help keep the public hyped up until the rocket flares. 

For more on the mission, check out our guide to the Perseverance rover and its search for signs of ancient life on Mars.

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