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Heave doe! Watch a python vomit an entire deer whole

A South African snake most definitely bit off more than it could chew, but not more than it could puke.

We've all felt unable to move after a little bout of overeating, but when a South African rock python literally found itself stuck after swallowing a deer whole, it decided to regurgitate the whole thing in one piece.

Seeing how much the snake's stomach can handle (or not handle, it seems) in the above NSFW video might make your stomach turn.

Jaco Kotze spotted the bloated snake on his farm after it had devoured a deer whole but found itself unable to move as a result. He returned later with an amateur snake handler in time to catch the snake throwing up its overambitious meal. Clearly, its eyes were bigger than its stomach, which is saying something when you consider that stomach is stretched over a significant portion of a body more than 12 feet (4 meters) long.

If your mind is blown by the kind of contortions the snake's jowls have to do to swallow something so large, it's even more impressive seeing how wide it has to stretch the entrance to that terrifying abyss in order to upchuck the poor animal.

While we've seen animals take advantage of deer in other creepy ways, this is really a terrible way for an animal to go... and come back up.