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Reykjavik turns off street lamps so citizens can view the northern lights

The Icelandic city says bye-bye streetlights, hello, northern lights for an exceptional nighttime display.

Now here's a city with its priorities in order: northern lights come before street lights.

The northern lights have been blazing their beauty across Icelandic skies all last week, but it's a lot easier to watch nature's light show if the city lights themselves aren't so darn bright. So, on Wednesday night the Reykjavik city council turned off the lights in parts of the city so residents could ooh and aah at a clearer display.

The city street lights in most neighborhoods were scheduled to go dark between 10 and 11 p.m., though that time was reportedly extended when the northern lights were a little late to the party. Locals were asked to help by keeping the lights off in their homes. They were asked to drive carefully on the darker -than-normal streets, and the fire, police and power company were warned in advance, according to Iceland Monitor.

And the Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre helped out too, by turning off its own stunning glass facade.

Residents caught some beautiful images, many of which were shared on social media.

And best of all, this display of the aurora borealis really happened, unlike this summer in the UK when a false aurora alert was sent out because someone on a lawn mower drove too close to a sensor.