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Real velociraptor claw is way better than a 'Jurassic World' toy

The ultimate "Jurassic World" collectible isn't sold in toy stores. You can buy a real velociraptor claw fossil from a specialty dealer.

velociraptor claw
Good thing it's not alive. Astro Gallery of Gems

You ran out and saw "Jurassic World" on opening weekend. You cheered Chris Pratt's character on during the velociraptor-training scene. You wasted hours on Twitter looking at photos of zookeepers reenacting the scene. You fantasized about having a bitey little velociraptor clan of your own.

You can't have a velociraptor for a pet, but you can at least have part of a velociraptor for your personal collection. Gem and mineral specialists Astro Gallery of Gems in New York has a claw up for sale for $12,500 (about £7,620, AU$15,690). The fossilized artifact is 6.5 inches (16.5 centimeters) long and will make you glad the dinosaurs in "Jurassic World" are mainly computer-generated creations.

Astro Gallery of Gems lets you schedule a viewing for the claw so you can see its raw ripping potential in person. The claw was found in Mongolia and dates back to the Cretaceaous Period, putting it at around 75 million years old.

The velociraptor claw has a high price tag, but you can spend even more ($18,000) on an Edmontosaurus foot from the late Cretaceous. The Edmontosaurus was a duck-billed dino, which is a lot less threatening than a pointy-toothed velociraptor.

(Via Technabob)