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Google's parent company wants 10K volunteers for health study

Alphabet's life sciences research and engineering arm will collect data to develop a baseline reference for health.

The Verily Study Watch
The Verily Study Watch is one way in which the study will capture health data.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, will launch a study to collect health data from 10,000 volunteers, the company said Wednesday. The study is part of an initiative called Project Baseline that aims to "test and develop new tools and technologies to access, organize and activate health information," according to a media release. The health information will help the company define a baseline of health and gain a better understanding of risk factors for disease.

Verily Life Sciences, part of Alphabet, will work with Duke University School of Medicine and Stanford Medicine on the study. Project Baseline will begin enrolling participants in the next few months. They'll be followed for at least four years.

Data collected will be handled on Google computing infrastructure and hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Anonymized Project Baseline study data will be available to qualified researchers in the future, the media release said.