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Pay tribute to your drone overlords with the CraveCast

Drones are everywhere! Thanks in part to the fact that they can go just about anywhere. On the next CraveCast, the crew discusses life in drone world.

Bow down before your future masters! Bertie Pearson

The unmanned aerial future is now, and the CraveCast crew is looking to get in good with Drone Nation today before flying robots become a part of our daily lives tomorrow.

Just in the past several months we've seen drones capture volcano eruptions, spy on the construction of Apple's new spaceship campus, follow killer whales and tour Chernobyl. Of course, drones also have a dark side -- whether they're smuggling drugs, crashing on the White House grounds or taking a chunk out of someone's nose at the local TGI Friday's. (And we're not even getting into the flying killer robots in use by the military.)

Fortunately, we have allies that can defend us against such unmanned aerial menaces, namely hawks and kangaroos.

Join this month's CraveCast crew -- Kelsey Adams, Stephen Beacham, Bonnie Burton, Anthony Domanico, Jeff Sparkman and myself -- live Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. PT as we discuss the future and present of quadcopters, drones and robots, from Tyrone the spray-painting drone to the robotic submarine that could explore oceans on other worlds.

To join the conversation, tweet @EricCMack and @crave at any time, or join us live at 11:30 a.m. PT right here at this page where we'll embed the show below. You can also participate in the chat rooms on our Livestream and YouTube feeds starting at 11:30.


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