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NASA makes music video for its huge new Mars rocket

The space agency wants to pump up public anticipation for its new Space Launch System, so it finds a sweet bass line to help.

Get ready for one rockin' rocket. Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

To get us to deep space, including planned missions to grab an asteroid and move it into a lunar orbit and eventually to take astronauts to Mars, NASA needed a big new rocket system. And to get the public excited about that system, not-so-sexily named the " Space Launch System" or SLS, the agency clearly needed to create a rockin' music video.

The minute-long animated teaser below, posted Tuesday, might manage to pump up those of us nerds who have been following NASA's ambitious yet often agonizingly slow (20 more years to Mars? Really? But we got to the Moon in 10 with the processing power of a graphing calculator...) plans to explore deeper into the solar system. However, the uninitiated might be more likely to respond with, "What's this? NASA made a video game?"

A huge part of the space business these days is keeping the wider public excited about what NASA wants to do to help ensure its public funding keeps flowing from taxpayers and their representatives in Washington. This isn't actually the first rockin' concept animation with a big powerful rocket we've seen this year -- SpaceX (whose largest client is NASA) also gave us a musical vision of its planned Falcon Heavy deep-space launch system.

Perhaps it's about time to start planning an awards show to honor achievement in rock 'n' roll rocket music videos.