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What nachos look like in space

International Space Station astronauts tuck into a cheesy floating meal complete with beans and corn chips.

Eating in microgravity can be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun. NASA astronaut Jack Fischer, who is in the early days of his first-ever stint aboard the International Space Station, shared images on Saturday of what a popular Earth snack looks like up in orbit.

The image shows a smiling Fischer behind a floating armada of boat-shaped corn chips smeared with refried beans and plenty of gooey yellow cheese. The astronaut says they're like "bean & cheese tacos-only they float!" Another image shows a flour tortilla covered in beans, cheese and what looks like some sort of meat concoction while a tub of cheese sauce floats in the background.

A closer inspection of Fischer's third photo shows a container of Fritos-brand bean dip, just in case you want to make your own space nachos.

Fischer's enthusiasm for the nachos/tacos/open-face burritos meals is more amusing in light of his pre-launch declaration that the space station's toilet inspires "sheer terror."