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NASA's spooky space sounds make Halloween cosmically creepy

If you want to set a ghostly mood on Oct. 31, go with some odd atmospherics from outer space.

If creepy organ music and "Thriller" are no longer spooky enough for you, you may need to go a little further to find just the right soundtrack for Halloween. Fortunately, NASA has compiled some of the most far-out and eerie sounds from space over the years to provide just the right All Hallows' Eve ambience. 

The 22 tracks posted on SoundCloud kick off with the otherworldly aural landscape created by taking data from the Juno spacecraft's approach of Jupiter and converting it into some totally spooky audio. There's also the unsettling whine of the interstellar medium as captured by Voyager 1, some of the late Cassini's most eerie hits, and the truly freaky sounds of Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, from the Galileo spacecraft's fly-by in 1996.

So if you want to have a nerdy, hipster Halloween bash, forget the "Monster Mash" and put your guests on edge with the sounds of plasma and other bits of creepiness from across the galaxy. Then you can really turn up the scare factor by sharing some of the horrors of life on Mars, if you dare.