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Island seen from space looks like E.T.'s glowing fingertip

A NASA astronaut snaps a photo of an island from orbit and it will make you want to reach for some Reese's Pieces and then phone home.

NASA astronaut Jack Fischer is still fairly new to the International Space Station. He arrived late last month and has been practicing his in-orbit camera skills ever since. Fischer shared one of his more interesting efforts on Twitter Thursday, delivering a photo of an island that looks like it's cosplaying as fictional space alien E.T.'s famous glowing finger.

Director Steven Spielberg's iconic 1982 film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" features a friendly alien with some unusual anatomy, including a bulbous glowing fingertip. The island's long, thin shape and light blue area surrounded by deeper sea colors make it easy to see why it reminded the astronaut of the movie creature.

Fischer doesn't note the island's location, but we're pretty sure it won't be phoning home anytime soon.

Fischer seems to be having a great time on his space station journey, having already shared images of his space nachos and another island he likens to "a big ol' whale."