Meet the robot built to deliver your shopping

Starship Technologies' "local delivery robot" is semi-autonomous, covered in cameras and ready to bring food to your door.

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What's more high-tech than ordering your shopping online and having a person in a truck deliver it to you? Why, having a robot do the delivering of course! The local delivery robot being shown off at Mobile World Congress 2016 by Starship Technologies aims to bring that dream to life.

The robot itself is covered in no fewer than nine cameras, which it uses to navigate its way along pavements, and up to your door. It travels at around 6kph, and can carry two to three bags of groceries. While the robot is largely self-driving, its makers describe it as "semi-autonomous".

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This means that if the robot encounters an obstacle while driving, it will beam a request to a human controller, who will examine the situation and quickly let it know whether to plough onwards, or plot a different route.

Starship Technologies' robots are designed to be owned by supermarkets and local businesses rather than consumers. These businesses will then send out their rolling stock of robots to make deliveries to customers' homes.

As for security, the company is hoping that the robot's barrage of cameras, GPS and two-way audio would deter all but the craziest from trying to steal it. We were told that the robot hasn't been named yet, so readers, if you have any smart ideas, pop 'em in the comments.