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Mad inventor builds a bed catapult for oversleepers

The crazed inventor who introduces YouTube viewers to all sorts of products that they didn't know they needed creates a bed that will definitely get you up in the morning.

The world would be a very boring place without British inventor, builder and mad genius Colin Furze.

He's come up with so many cool inventions. Last year, he built Wolverine claws that can be worn on your hands without having to get all of your bones replaced with Adamantium. Back in 2010, he built a scooter fitted with a flamethrower that freaked out his insurance provider.

Now Furze has built something that could earn him an angry letter from Wallace and maybe even Gromit.

It's a bed catapult.

Furze's cartoonish invention is made from a steel frame that looks like an industrial strength, single-sized bed except for the large hinge at the end of it and the air compressor that sits underneath it. The bed launches with the push of a button from a garage door remote. First, it activates a blue police light to warn the heavy sleeper that they are about to do their Superman impression soon if they don't get out of bed. Then the entire top of the frame launches forward sending the sleeper into the air and hopefully not to an emergency room.

So far, Furze has only built the frame and mechanism that makes the bed launch, but he promises his viewers that they'll be able to see a full, working version of the ultimate waker-upper when he posts his next video next Thursday.

Furze devised the idea for his bed launcher after being challenged by the British tea and coffee company Taylors of Harrogate. He probably thought of something like an automatic IV drip that brews and dispenses coffee right into your bloodstream first but decided against it for health reasons, even though he lives in a country with universal health care.