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When lunch bites back: Lizard sinks teeth into snake that's eating it

Outdoor-travel author's photo shows that sometimes, a predator's meals don't give up all that easily.

This alligator lizard wasn't going down without a fight.
Bryan Snyder/Off the Map Books

Sometimes, the food chain has a few kinks in it. Outdoor-travel author Bryan Snyder took this photo of a scrappy little alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a kingsnake back in 2014, but a recent Reddit post had it stirring up the internet as if it were new. Snyder spotted the roadside buffet in a rural part of southern California.

"Although almost the entire lizard had been swallowed, the wily critter was hanging on with its powerful jaws, refusing to accept the inevitable," Snyder wrote on his site. "It wore the snake's head over its own as if it were a hooded sweatshirt, and cracked an eye open to gaze nonchalantly in my direction. Its attitude seemed to say, 'No big deal. I can keep this up all day if I have to.'"

Did the lizard end up as dinner, or survive to scrap another day? We'll never know, but Snyder thinks it made it out.

"After a few minutes of my staring and not leaving, the kingsnake did indeed begin to withdraw," he said in an email. "I was in a bit of a rush to begin a hike before the day grew too hot, and it was a slow process, so I did not stay until the end. But I'm an optimistic fellow."

Snyder's latest book, "Renegade Car Camping: A Guide to Free Campsites and the Ultimate Road Trip Experience," was released in May, and is available free on Amazon. And hey -- at least this lizard didn't have an obnoxious cat getting in its face.