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Lego, NASA launch 1,087-piece Apollo 11 lunar lander set

One small step for a minifigure, one giant leap for Lego.

The Eagle has landed on your desk.

This story is part of To the Moon, a series exploring humanity's first journey to the lunar surface and our future living and working on the moon.

NASA's Apollo 11 mission to land the first humans on the moon involved the contributions of thousands of workers. Fortunately, you'll just need yourself and your brick-clicking skills to reenact the historic landing in Lego

Lego unveiled a new 1,087-piece Lego Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander kit on Thursday. Lego worked with NASA to develop the set to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1969 mission. 

Land on a Lego moon.


"The descent stage features gold-colored landing pads and panels, opening camera and laser hatches and a ladder, while the ascent stage has a detailed interior," Lego said in a release. The two astronaut minifigures even sport Apollo-style gold visors on their helmets.

The Lego Creator Expert series is marketed as "the ultimate Lego building challenge." These sets are more involved and may require more time to construct than simpler kits. Lego recommends the lunar lander kit for ages 16 and up.

This Mars shuttle set is part of the City Space series.


Younger Lego aficionados and those who aren't up to the Expert Creator challenge can look to a new series of space-themed Lego City Mars exploration sets coming out in June. 

Lego took inspiration from NASA's Moon to Mars plans and created sets around possible future missions. The series includes a satellite servicing mission, a rover test drive, a lunar space station and a Mars research shuttle.

Lego designers visited NASA space centers during development and adjusted the products to more closely match the space agency's real-life versions of rockets and science equipment. 

The lunar lander set goes on sale in Lego retail stores and through the Lego shop online on June 1 for $99.99.

Lego previously released a massive NASA Saturn V Apollo rocket set in 2017, which would be a good companion piece to the lunar lander. You have to get off this Lego planet before you can make it all the way to the Lego moon.