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Learn how to set money on fire without actually burning it

The Bearded Science Guy shows you a cool way to make it look like you're burning cash without violating Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 17, Section 333 of the US Code.

This money looks like it's burning but it's actually just fine. So don't anyone report this to the Secret Service. Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

There aren't many good reasons for voluntarily setting cash on fire unless you're the Joker and you're trying to prove how crazy you are to the mobster you just conned.

However, if you must set a Franklin, a Grant or a Hamilton ablaze, there is a way to do it without actually burning the bill.

The Bearded Science Guy -- a, well, bearded guy who likes to try scientific experiments -- posted a video on his YouTube channel Thursday that explains this magical method that you can use to win a bet for a free drink in a bar or prove that you're some kind of a medieval wizard with pyrokinetic control powers.

All you'll need for this trick is a bottle of 91 percent isopropyl alcohol, an equal amount of water and a heat-proof container to mix your fireproofing concoction.

Then you just submerge the bill of your choice in the chemical mixture and light it on fire while holding it with a pair of metal tongs. If there's enough water in the mixture, it will absorb the heat from the flames and prevent the money from being burned or scarred. If there isn't enough water coating the bill, it will burn up, and congratulations, you've just violated federal law.

If you don't have the guts to set your own money on fire but you've still got the itch to play with fire, the Bearded Science Guy has another video that shows how you can make a flaming vortex in your hopefully non-flammable home.