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Pouring hot liquid metal into a lava lamp gets cool results

The question isn't why you would pour molten aluminum into a lava lamp. The question is why WOULDN'T you pour molten aluminum into a lava lamp?

Backyard Scientist

The great thing about science and the Internet is that you really don't need a reason or even an end goal to conduct an experiment. If the Internet gave grants for conducting experiments, you literally could write, "What if we dump this thing into that thing and see if we can make it explode" on your paperwork and the committee would still cut you a check. Hell, you probably wouldn't even need to know how to spell "explode" correctly.

Probably don't try this at home -- just watch because this guy did and filmed it. The face of the YouTube channel TheBackyardScientist polled the viewers on his Facebook and Google+ pages on ideas for his next reckless experiment and they told him they wanted to see what would happen if he poured molten aluminum into a working lava lamp. (He seems to pour molten aluminum into a lot of things.)

In the YouTube video's description, he says he bought a 27-inch tall hippie hypnotizer, the biggest lava lamp he could find for his experiment.

He poured about a pound of the scary-hot liquid aluminum into the interior of the lamp -- which, as expected, pretty much destroyed the lamp. The bonus was that when he left the aluminum out to cool overnight, it formed an interesting pattern that mimicked the blobby look of a lava lamp's wax globs. It's like someone took the T-1000 from "Terminator 2" and turned him into a mesmerizing, melted hood ornament.

Take a look for yourself what happens when these two hot liquids mix in the same container in the video below.

I think the biggest scientific lesson we learned from this experiment is the importance of putting down some newspaper when handling molten aluminum in your backyard.

(Via Sploid)